How Do Hurricane Shutters Work & What Do Hurricane-Proof Shutters Do During a Hurricane?

Hurricane shutters are installed to protect the building envelope. The main cause of hurricane damage behind storm surge is the penetration of the windows and doors from flying debris. Wind alone can cause damage but it’s mainly caused by the debris breaking windows and doors that allows the wind to enter the home causing lift on the roof and outward pressure on the walls.

How Do Hurricane Shutters Work Charleston, SC

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By protecting the glazed openings and inswing doors you are helping prevent the loss of the roof. Many building codes have changed and some form of hurricane protection for your windows are now a requirement. Although plywood and OSB(oriented strand board) are allowed for a Certificate of Occupancy they do not meet testing requirements and will fail much quicker than a rated system.

Many people have plywood but lack the ability to secure it on the home in the event of a hurricane threat. A much more convenient and stronger solution is to have rated shutters installed on all windows and doors. If you have an attached garage you need to make sure your garage door is hurricane rated or you have hurricane protection for your garage door. This is one of the most vulnerable opening in the home. Wind can either blow it in off the tracks or it can be pulled away from the tracks by the extreme pressures in a hurricane.

Due to several years without a true hurricane scare many people have grown complacent about the damage and destruction that will again come to our area. It is not a matter of if, but when another powerful hurricane will strike. Now is the time to prepare your home and make a plan. It only takes one hurricane to make a terrible season if that hurricane damages or destroys your home.

Make the smart move and call or email us today for a free estimate and give yourself the peace of mind that you and your home are ready when a hurricane makes landfall on our coast. Windward Shutters is the oldest shutter company in South Carolina and is repeatedly chosen by leading architects, builders and municipal leaders. We can be reached at 843.881.6262 or via email [email protected] . Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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