How hurricane shutters can save you money

When talking about hurricane shutters I typically avoid using the term “hurricane proof” as nothing is truly “hurricane proof”. During Hurricane Katrina the hurricane forces were able to knock concrete fortresses right off of their foundations.

If function and affordability are your goal then hurricane panel protection is likely the choice for you(see photo below). Many of our panel styles can be modified to allow you to secure your hurricane panels from inside the home eliminating the need to get up on a ladder to do so. In addition, there is zero maintenance needed for these hurricane panel systems so they will last the lifetime of the home.

Hurricane Shutters & Panels Save you Money With Insurance Discounts

Not only does adding hurricane shutters to your home increase the value of the home they also protect the belongings that are inside. With the passing of the Omnibus Coastal Property Insurance Reform Act of 2007, insurance companies are required to offer discounts for homeowners who have taken that steps to add hurricane protection systems to their homes. As a licensed inspector and contractor for SC Safehome we are approved for wind mitigation inspections for insurance discounts and possible state grants.

If the structure of your home is insured for less than $300,000 you can qualify for a matching grant up to $10,000. If your income is below a certain level you can qualify for a full grant of $5000 to protect your home from hurricane damage.

You can contact Windward Hurricane Shutters for more information on hurricane insurance discounts, your wind mitigation inspection or free hurricane shutter quote.

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