My house survived Hurricane Hugo. Why do I need hurricane shutters?

After sixteen years in the hurricane protection business, this is probably the statement I hear most from long time residents of the Charleston area.  The answer is simple- hurricanes are like snowflakes, no two are alike.  Depending upon the direction the storm is moving and your home’s relationship to the eye, the wind can come from any direction.  If the hurricane is passing directly over your area the winds will come from the exact opposite direction once the eye has passed.  During hurricane Floyd residents of the Charleston area experienced the highest winds on the inland facing side of their home.

If you are unable to protect all opening on the home, the focus for protection needs to be placed on the largest openings, inswing doors and openings located near the corners of the home.  These are the most likely openings to experience impacts from flying debris and/or the highest winds.  Insurance companies will only give discounts if all openings are protected.  This is because all openings are subject to potential wind-borne debris.  If you budget dictates only a portion of the home gets protected, concentrate your efforts on the openings listed above until you are able to protect the rest of the home.

Although some hurricane seasons are much more active than others, all it takes is one storm to have the worst season.  Protect your windows, doors, attached garage doors and gable vents and you’ve gone a long way to protecting your home in a hurricane.

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