Rolldown Shutters Maintenance

Congratulations! You have selected the finest rolldown hurricane shutters made to protect your family and home. Their strength and durability will provide excellent protection for many years. To protect your investment and keep your shutters in top operating condition, the following simple preventative maintenance should be done regularly on your newly purchased rolldown hurricane shutters:

How to Clean Your Rolldown Shutters

  • Keep the tracks clean. Wash them regularly. Inspect for buildup of dirt, salt, insect nests, and other particles that may cause problems with the operation of your shutters. Make sure the felt strips in the tracks are clean and free of debris. Using the shutter daily will help keep the tracks clean.
  • Wash with warm water, soap, and a soft brush. Clean slats using a vertical motion. Avoid a horizontal motion that could misalign the slats and jam the shutter. Cleaning should be done at least two to three times during the summer months.
  • Keep shutter travel area clear of all articles, furniture, etc. If the shutter hits an object, misalignment or damage can occur which may result in costly repairs.
  • If you have an electric motor on your shutters, use the motor a minimum of twice a month. This action will create heat in the tube and eliminate moisture.
  • If you have an electric motor on your shutters, complete the shutter cycle before reversing the direction. If you close or open the shutter partially then stop, finish closing or opening the shutter before you operate it in the opposite direction.
  • On an electric shutter with a Backup Motor Override (BMO) System, use the SMO only in an emergency. Electric shutter switches should be in the neutral (center) position when not in use. Do not turn switch on and walk away. Wait until shutter cycle is completed, then return switch to neutral position.