Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hurricane shutter?
Storm shutters are products designed to limit damage to window and door openings caused by high winds and flying objects. Commonly they are popular in coastal areas, but storm shutters are rapidly growing in popularity in all areas threatened by high winds or hurricane conditions.

Why should I have hurricane shutters?
The security and peace of mind they provide is worth their price. Additionally, preventing loss from storms plus the added protection from vandalism, burglars and simple looting after the tragedy of a hurricane is a key justification. Insurance companies are moving toward requiring storm shutters before covering properties in hurricane-prone areas. Also, building codes require protection on all new construction along the coast.

Should I only protect the openings facing the water?
Unfortunately, wind and debris can come from any direction depending on your home’s relationship to the eyewall and the direction of the hurricane’s travel.

How do I design my new project to include storm shutters?
Most architects have knowledge of storm shutters but find it difficult to stay on top of new developments in every industry they must work with. Windward Shutters will provide consulting on any project to help you design a system, provide the necessary products and supervision or labor for the installation at your site. Please communicate your needs to our office by fax, mail or telephone and we will respond promptly.

Do insurance companies give discounts on hurricane protection?
Yes – The Omnibus Coastal Property Reform Act of 2007 requires them to. Typically an inspection is required by the carrier which we can provide.