How High of Wind Speeds can Hurricane Shutters Sustain & Protect?

Although hurricane shutters can sustain very high wind speeds, that is not how they are tested for hurricane protection. Hurricane damage is most often caused by a combination of flying debris impacts and atmospheric pressure changes.

In order to pass strict hurricane testing protocols, the shutter is subjected to three impacts by a nine foot 2×4 fired from an air cannon at 50’ per second. The impacted test shutter is then placed in a chamber and bombarded w/ positive and negative cyclic pressures.

Although many hurricane shutter companies & installers may advertise that their hurricane shutters can withstand 100+ or even 200+ mph winds, these same products may fail with even the smallest impact from flying debris.

Make sure any hurricane shutter product you purchase is not just for high wind speeds but for hurricane protection that meets current building codes for impact and cyclic pressures.